Workshop Facilitation

Workshop Facilitation works as the medium for communication, instructions and cooperation among the various project teams for working on the specific project and solving industrial issues. Our experts from Workshop Facilitation HAZID, OHID, ENVID, HAZOP Analysis Consultancy Services provide the required support to the clients. The clients get access to informative and productive workshops that help in developing great projects with the connection and engagement among different groups.

Hazard Identification (HAZID)

Hazard Identification or HAZID  is a brainstorming technique of identifying potential hazards and their effects on people, environment, assets and reputation at an early stage. It is the first fundamental step in a risk assessment program. 


HAZID identifies the problems related to plants, systems, operations, design and maintenance within the walls of the oil and gas industry. The identification is made through schematic assessments. There are numerous benefits of HAZID. For example,

  1. It brings the hazards into notice, before they actually occur.
  2. HAZID by Workshop Facilitation hazid,ohid, envid, hazop analysis Consultancy Services records, manages and diminishes the hazards properly.
  3. It allows preventive measures to control the potential hazards.
  4. It helps to avoid budget overruns.
  5. HAZID helps to establish hazard screening criteria.
  6. It also documents non-critical hazards which may be otherwise ignored. 

Hazard Operability (HAZOP)

Hazard Operability or HAZOP by Workshop Facilitation hazid,ohid, envid, hazop analysis Consultancy Services is a well structured approach to identify the process hazards through the lens of design and operation of a facility. It involves teams originating from diverse disciplines. The study presents the deviations from the process boundaries, its consequences, safeguards and recommendations. 


HAZOP identifies deviations using a set of “Guide Words” as a methodological list of deviation perspectives. This exception technique of HAZOP enables the team members to imagine while examining the potential deviations. HAZOP by Workshop Facilitation hazid,ohid, envid, hazop analysis Consultancy Services is ideal to assess hazards in facilities, equipment, and processes and is best suited for assessing systems from multiple perspectives, such as:

  1. To evaluate system design capability for meeting user specifications and safety standards, and to identify weaknesses in systems
  2. To evaluate the environment for assuring that the system is appropriately situated, supported, serviced and contained.
  3. To evaluate engineered controls (ex: automation), sequences of operations, procedural controls (ex: human interactions), etc., and to assess various operational modes, including start-up, standby, normal operation, steady and unsteady states, normal shutdown, emergency, and shutdown.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

Safety Integrity Level as a part of Workshop Facilitation hazid,ohid, envid, hazop analysis Consultancy Services can be described as comparative study of risk reduction offered by safety function. In other words SIL is the analysis of performance necessary for a Safety Instrumented Function in order to attain a safety state. 


In the nutshell, SIL analysis is the estimation of performance recommended for a Safety Instrumented Function. Safety Integrity Level (SIL) is an analysis or measurement of performance required for a Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) to maintain or achieve a safe state.

At Workshop Facilitation hazid,ohid, envid, hazop analysis Consultancy Services by EERM, we understand that it is crucial to perform a statistical measurement of how likely a process or a system is to be operational and ready to serve the function for which it is intended, including the calculated time to its likelihood of failure.

It can be categorised into four domains,

  • SIL Assessment 
  • SIL Verification 
  • Safety Requirement Specification
  • Safety Lifecycle

Occupational Health Identification (OHID)

Occupational Health Identification (OHID) by Workshop Facilitation hazid,ohid, envid, hazop analysis Consultancy Services is the study that addresses occupational health and aims to protect the well being of the workers in an organisation. 

The objectives of Occupational Health Identification includes:

  1. To identify the potential risk hazards concerning the occupational health of the workers.
  2. To identify the factors that lead to the occurence of the health hazards.
  3. To identify and analyse the current situation of Engineering and operational controls that prevent the mishappenings.
  4. To identify the additional preventive measures that can be added to the design of the industries to ensure a safer work environment for the employees.