ABOUT emirates ERM


Emirates ERM was established with a vision to minimize the risks and provide quality health, safety and environmental consultancy in Abu Dhabi. We aim to enhance the overall productivity of the participants and help them flourish in the industry along with the development of their organisation.  


The Quality Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancy in Abu Dhabi strives to provide world-class education, training and consultancy services to the course participants of Emirates ERM. We aim to train individuals in the pursuit of assessing and minimizing the risks related to the working of an organisation.


I Am ahmed al menhali.

With 35 years of experience working with ADNOC and expertise in Risk Management, I helped build and grow a safe environment for over 250 companies in Abu Dhabi. It is my mission to master the critical tactics and strategies that will help them grow with the highest standards of safety along with zero risk.

Managing Director, Emirates ERM